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Officers: 6 Ways to Communicate

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1. Don’t assume anything. Don’t assume that a job is finished until you have results or proof. Don’t assume someone knows something until it’s confirmed. Meet with officers (individually or as a group) to follow up on tasks, receive receipts or confirmation emails, and see the product that needed to be purchased. Don’t rely on word of mouth confirmations, “Yes”, or “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Get concrete confirmation.


2. Create a contact list of all officers and members. For members, have them sign in for meetings.


3. Use the contact list. Send weekly emails to officers, and send monthly emails to members. Emails should be the first communication for non-urgent events and news.


4. Follow up on emails, especially important ones, by calling the person or asking in person.


5. If an officer can’t do a task, give it to another officer who can or do it yourself.


6. Don’t force your ideas onto anyone or the rest of the group. Sometimes, when officers who’ve been club members for a while, or they’re just control freaks, try to negate new ideas from others, the atmosphere becomes sour. (From personal experience, I’ve had to deal with presidents who always said, “No” to new or recycled ideas not in use. Not only that, they pushed unpopular and useless ideas onto officers and members, and sometimes, resorted to behind-the-back tactics that betrayed everyone’s trust. Slowly, officers and members found themselves disconnected, and they chose not to be a part of the club anymore. That sourness and disconnection becomes part of the club’s reputation, and recruiting members for the club becomes a bigger hardship.)



Author: Jd Banks

Jd Banks is an American expat who lived in Japan as an English teacher and now resides in California. Before coming to Japan, Jd graduated from San Diego State University in Fine Arts and Kinesiology. She has experience in marketing, web design, freelance art commissions, local politics, podcasting, and journalism. She currently hosts Anime3000's Manga Corner, blogs on Jade's, runs an anime club help site, Anime Ascendant, and reviews books on her blog, The Ends Don't Tie with Bunny Rabbits.

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