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Starting Out for University and Community College Clubs

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1. Go to Student Services. Sometimes, the student government (commonly called Associated Students) also handles student organizations.

2. Get an application for a starting a club/organization.

This is what you usually need to start an official club:
1. An on-campus advisor (a teacher or faculty member who works at school) and their signature on the application.
2. A minimum number of members. (This is different for each school. )
3. A constitution or a list of rules for your anime club.
4. A budget or how much you think everything will cost in a year.

3. Complete the application and turn it in to Student Services.

This is a lot of work. Why get recognized?
Schools give money, venues, and privileges to recognized groups. By becoming recognized, you won’t have to worry about starting from $0 with no base to set your manga on.


Author: Jd Banks

Jd Banks is an American expat who lived in Japan as an English teacher and now resides in California. Before coming to Japan, Jd graduated from San Diego State University in Fine Arts and Kinesiology. She has experience in marketing, web design, freelance art commissions, local politics, podcasting, and journalism. She currently hosts Anime3000's Manga Corner, blogs on Jade's, runs an anime club help site, Anime Ascendant, and reviews books on her blog, The Ends Don't Tie with Bunny Rabbits.

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